"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Friday, April 23, 2010

Calling Jesus Friend

Sometimes it's the in thing to say--calling Jesus friend. Everybody wants to be friends with him, not understanding what it means to be Jesus' friend. Just because Jesus mentioned about calling us "friends"--and that sounds really good--everybody starts calling Jesus friend. 

Preachers call non-believers to the altar with the promise that Jesus would be a friend to them. That sounds really assuring and will get crowds going to the altar--having Jesus as friend sounds like you'd be off the hook if you know you have sinned a lot. So who wouldn't go to the altar to be friends with Jesus? Sometimes we use terms people don't understand just to lure them to submission. 

Well, first, Jesus said you'd become his friend "if you obey whatever I command." There's a big "if" there. And there's a big "whatever" there. Friendship with Jesus is conditional, just as salvation and forgiveness of sin are. Only God's love is unconditional. Friendship with Jesus also means we obey "whatever" he commands. And you can be sure the "whatever" here is weird and unacceptable to people. It'd cost you your life. 

If you are disobedient you have no business calling Jesus friend. You are either a servant who knows nothing about Jesus, or an enemy. God's servant, like an anointed man of God, is different from a servant who knows nothing about Jesus' work. 

A friend of Jesus also receives fresh and deep revelations straight from Jesus Christ; something what Paul had. Calling Jesus friend means "Everything I hear and get from the Father, I tell you," says my Jesus. You have an open heaven. If you don't have this experience daily, it's useless calling Jesus friend.